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of learning a foreign language by Skype.

 of learning a foreign language by Skype.

Being able to speak foreign languages is essential in the modern world. Before we used to study them in person, for example, at school and university, we attended some courses or had a private teacher.

Whereas now with the use of new technology this has made the whole process much easier, both studying and finding a teacher.

Here we are going to look at some pros of learning a language at an online school using Skype or Zoom.

Let’s start! Studying online gives you:

1. Mobility.

It really is a distinct advantage of learning any language online. You don’t depend on a particular location. All you need for a lesson is good internet connection, a headset, and a computer (a laptop or a tablet)

2. Convenience and comfort.

Learning by Skype gives you a great opportunity to have lessons where you want and when you want with a flexible schedule.

You can also change the intensity of your lessons: you can have classes more or less often, take breaks when you need to without losing money.

3. Availability.

With the Internet, boundaries and distances don’t exist anymore. And if before it was almost impossible for people living in small towns to study a rare language, now you can study any language you are interested in with a teacher living in a different part of the world.

You can study languages by Skype at any age, given you know how to use a computer and Skype, or if there is someone ready to help you when you need it.

4. Time and costs savings

You don’t have to go anywhere for your lessons, so you save your time and money which could be spent on transportation. In general, Skype lessons are cheaper than in-person individual classes.

If you study at, you get all necessary learning materials for free.

You also get access to special offers: free attendance in a discussion club with a native speaker, discounts when you pay for package lessons, you can also get free bonus lessons and cashback with your payments (more details here).


5. Freedom of choice.

One of the compelling advantages distinguishing an online school from offline courses is an opportunity to choose a teacher you like. A school’s website has teachers’ profiles with reviews from their students, and you can get a free trial lesson to get to know the teacher you have picked.

Please, read our articles with tips on how to choose a teacher and what to expect from a trial lesson.

6. Effectiveness.

Learning a foreign language by Skype means having individual classes tailored for your needs.

The course is designed at a comfortable pace considering your goals and objectives. Study the feedback from our students to see how effectively it works.

7. Reliability.

Applying for a job at skype-language our teachers have to undergo a thorough selection and an interview. We only hire qualified Russian speaking teachers and native speakers with relevant education and work experience.  

If it’s your first time using online services and payments, just sign a contract with us to be sure of our reliability.

8. Modern approaches.

Our teachers use the latest educational materials based on a communicative approach.

Studying online you get access to all the latest videos, articles, discussions in social networks. These great resources will help you to study a modern language which people actually use in real life.

And last but not least, the main benefit of learning by Skype or Zoom is an opportunity to record and save your lessons as videos and watch them whenever you want to! Isn’t it great?


If you still haven’t tried learning a language by Skype, you should definitely try!
Sign up for a free trial lesson right now!

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